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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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"As Solomon prepares his team for the next few years, as leaders have done  in the past,  he knows that he needs help. This chapter gives a myriad of names who were part of his Royal cabinet. Every leader, as soon as the election is over announces the names of those who will be in charge of different areas in his kingdom! Solomon was very wise in the choices he made. He needed leaders who would have a positive influence in his kingdom.


It is interesting to notice that  every 5 years the Seventh-day Adventist Church elects officers and Departmental leaders to help the president in his enormous task to lead our worldwide church. Solomon chose 12 officers to care for the finances, collecting revenues for the maintenance of the court.  Jesus Himself made a choice of 12 men to disseminate the Word and to carry His message of love and compassion to the world. This is the Sine Qua Non of leadership and Solomon carefully picked those who would help establish his kingdom. The knowledge and understanding that he received from God helped him make Israel a potent and strong nation! His fame and wisdom spread all over the neighboring nations and people came from all over to listen to him.  For someone who spoke 3.000 proverbs and had written 1005 songs, we can see that this would be humanly impossible without the gift bestowed upon him by God. It is true that he had a lot of wealth, but at the same time he used it for the advancement of his kingdom. It is commendable that Solomon was skilled in nature, God's first book! His understanding of Nature included trees, birds, fish, fowls, and creeping things. This kind of wisdom surpasses all the riches and the wealth of the world. Above all he was given a compassionate heart.


Above all the knowledge we may gain, we need a compassionate heart.


Leo Ranzolin 

Retired GC Vice-president