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Monday, February 4, 2013

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"Solomon begins his reign by making an alliance with the Pharaoh. He was probably thinking of internal security. This affinity resulted in making a marriage which was not approved by God! Even though his wife abandoned her gods, Solomon knew better. Like many nations today a marriage can have political implications. There are many who make the same mistake. Even though we have seen people converted and surrendered to the Lord.  Also we have seen the opposite to where such bad alliances destroy their lives.

However, the Bible says that Solomon loved the Lord. The example of David his father had stuck with him. Like the beloved apostle John, Solomon was responding to the love of God for him.  God loves us in-spite of our imperfections.  He has communicated with us in many ways,  by His prophets, by His written word, but also He chose to come to Solomon by a dream in  the city of Gibeon. Solomon must have been surprised by God asking him: "Ask what I shall give to you!" Solomon was very wise and asked, not for riches, or glory, but for an understanding heart! God was pleased with Solomon's request and gave him not only wisdom but added honour and riches as well!  What a paradox for those who prefer the riches of the world and then succumb because they did not have wisdom! That wisdom  bestowed by God was evident in the dispute between the two women who came to him both claiming baby was theirs. Solomon displayed great judgment and the nation was aware that God was with Him."


May we ask of God wisdom and an understanding heart. 


Leo Ranzolin
Retired GC Vice-president