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Saturday, February 23, 2013

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The lessons and applications from this chapter are endless.  How often we are caught acting impulsively as did Ahab, when really we ought to follow the example of Jehoshaphat and “First seek the counsel of the Lord.” 


God’s prophets are never popular – and sadly this is often also true with God’s own people.  The king of Israel detests calling on God’s prophet for he rarely has good news for him.  He would rather listen to the false messages of 400 false prophets!  And yet, as Micaiah himself says, “As surely as the Lord lives, I can tell him only what the Lord tells me.” 


Micaiah’s message stands in stark contrast to the pleasing words of the false prophets.  Again we are drawn to appreciate this man’s unflinching commitment to faithfulness to God, even in the face of persecution and imprisonment.  The battle commences, and as Micaiah prophesied, Ahab dies in a pool of his own blood in his chariot.  It’s a sad ending for a man to whom God had offered salvation time and time again.  And yet his life stands as a reminder to all of us.  None of us will have anyone to blame but ourselves if we are lost.  Which is why today if we hear God’s voice, then now is the time to respond.  Today, right now, we have a choice.  We can choose life or death.  We can choose self or the Saviour.  The choice is always yours and what you choose affects your eternal destiny.


In closing this commentary on the book of 1 Kings, we note the Bible’s repeated reference to the son’s following in the footsteps of the fathers (verses 43 and 52).  As parents, our responsibility is great – too great for us alone, really.  May it ever be our desire to lead our children to love and know Jesus as we hold tight onto the hand of God.  Our children are always watching; they will imitate us one day.  May we ever therefore seek to imitate Christ.  Amen.


Charissa Fong

Graduate Student

Sydney, Australia