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Friday, February 22, 2013

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Sold to do evil – that was Ahab.  Human nature has a tendency to revert rather quickly to childish behaviour, and that’s exactly what happened to Ahab in this chapter.  After Naboth refused to give Ahab his land inheritance, Ahab sulked because he couldn’t have what he wanted.  So Jezebel, like a bad parent, through deceptive means, got Naboth’s vineyard for him. 


Self has that effect on us all.  When our wills are not aligned with God’s own, our hearts seek selfishly for things which we do not need and things which we should not want. 


Both Jezebel and Ahabbelieved they were above the laws of God and could do anything they wanted. However, another encounter with Elijah quickly corrected this misconception as they realized that God is always in charge and sin carries with it a hefty price.  And by the way, let's spare a thought for Elijah.  Speaking out against sin isn’t always a pleasant or popular task!  But those who fear God call sin what it is. 


May God grant us the courage to speak honestly and truthfully about sin to those whose lives are ensnared by it.  For in so doing, God may work through us to save their souls.  When Ahab learned of God’s thoughts concerning his actions, he lamented them and humbled himself before God.  God saw this, and responded with mercy.  More then any other character trait, humility seems to move God the most. What record are you leaving behind, selfishness or humility? 


Charissa Fong
Graduate Student
Sydney, Australia