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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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A new king emerges in the land! Rehoboam chooses Shechem as the place for his coronation. It was located in the center part of the land and  He wanted to make sure that he had the support of the Northern Tribes. Apparently the people were tired of being taxed for all the building being done. They came to Rehoboam asking for relief and in turn they would support him. These were men of experience who could really help the new king. However, he rejected their counsel and went with the suggestion of the young men who had grown up with him. Young people have proven to give good counsel as well, but these youth were very harsh in their judgment and counsel.  Both Solomon and Rehoboam were reaping their own mistakes. God is in control, but many times He allows events so people can reap the consequences of their own mistakes and the mistakes of their rulers. This course of action was not the will of God. After 3 days Rehoboam gives his verdict! He would increase their taxes and make things even harder.  From this we see rebellion and insurrection!  Ephraim turned against Judah and they were so incensed against the levy of heavier taxes that they killed the man who was in charge -Adoram!


Jeroboam had fled from Solomon to Egypt.  When Israel heard that he came back home, they decided to make him King of Israel, which would encompass the 10 northern tribes!  A battle was set for Judah to fight with Israel.  However, the Word of God was quite clear: You shall not fight against your brothers! They were told to return to their homes. We've seen what happened in the United States and many other nations of the world when a civil war breaks out.  It leaves scars which will be remembered for ever! The children of Israel were not brought out of Egypt and into Canaan to kill each other! Another sad event of this division was the fact that Jeroboam did not want the people to be reunited by worshiping in Jerusalem. To counteract this situation he makes calves of gold! They went back to the problems of their people in the wilderness and forgot to worship the Lord. One  would think that they had learned these lessons from the past! God was communicating with them face to face and they still rejected Him! The consequences of this course of action were disastrous for the people of God. Here's a clear example of Satan's work to divide, to separate, to fragment those who want to follow the Lord.


Leo Ranzolin
Retired GC Vice-President