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Monday, February 11, 2013

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Solomon's reign could have been called the golden age of the people of Israel. His fame, wisdom and riches spread all over the the Middle East. One who was really impressed with what she had heard was the Queen of Sheba, also called the Queen of the South! We really don't know specifically where she came from. Claims have been made that she came from Arabia and Ethiopia.  However, the main thing is that she wanted to question and verify in person all the fame and the wisdom of Solomon.  She testified that she did not believe the reports but after visiting with the King and seen personally all that she saw, she was convinced that his wisdom and prosperity exceeded what she had heard. The amazing thing is that she gave glory to the God of Israel!


There was an exchange of gifts between Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.  However, Solomon did not make the mistake of  Hezekiah who showed all his riches and forgot to give glory to the Lord. The Queen of Sheba was so impressed with the God of Israel and what He had done for Solomon, it is believed that her visit was instrumental in surrendering her life to the God of Israel (see Mt. 12:42).  We must never forget that all we had comes from God! Things of this world are very small compared to the great things and spiritual benefits that God provides for His children. Unfortunately people accumulate riches and never give credit to the Giver. The Queen Sheba received a lot more than what she had given Solomon. She received the blessings that come when we acknowledge that He is the Great Provider. Solomon became a witness to all the nations of the earth! They all came to hear the wisdom that God had placed in his heart. Let us hope that we can see both greeting each other in the Kingdom of God!


There are many members of the Church worldwide who acknowledge that God is the One who has provided them with what they have and in turn they give all they can to the advancement of His cause.  I heard one say: "The more I give what I can, the more God gives back to me!"  God bestows wisdom, knowledge and wealth and in turn His people glorify His name and help further His work!


Leo Ranzolin
Retired GC Vice-President