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Friday, March 29, 2013

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At the conclusion of this portion of Chronicles and our spiritual family tree, the emphasis returns to the Temple and the people around it. It brings us full-circle in this nine-chapter look at the plan of redemption and our human legacy.


We begin with a broad stroke in the reference to “all Israel” being recorded. Then rather quickly the focus moves to Jerusalem and the people that lived there. Many of its citizens and those in the surrounding hills were part of the government or Temple service, which was initially, tightly knit together. 


In Jerusalem, were found those who were supposed to set the example for others. The priests, the Levites, the gatekeepers were living there. They held responsibilities that remind us of our own accountability to God’s work today. They were committed to keeping the Temple ministry holy and orderly—handling it with care; to watching the resources, both the treasury and the furnishings; and to ensuring that the worship with its substance of sacrifices and music would be ready at every moment.


These who worked in the Temple saw the plan of redemption played out in a very real way each day in the sanctuary life. They were careful in doing this sacred work.  Do we take as much care with our daily life, as others observe our response to God’s plan of redemption?


Christopher Beason
Network7 MediaCenter