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Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Of these chapters, this genealogy is rather simple. Benjamin the youngest son of Israel is the ancient grandfather of the first king of Israel, Saul.  His son, Jonathan, the friend of future King David is given an honorable mention, along with his disabled grandson, Mephibosheth (Merib-baal).  And onward from Saul, his sons and grandsons were all men of valor known for their skill in archery and battle.


However, as a family there were ups and downs in their walk with God.  Saul killed himself at a low point in his life when he saw he had lost a battle and would be captured by the Philistines, while Jonathan supporting his friend David, died at a high point in his life and was honored.  But, their descendants are described as men of courage and bravery.


Israel as a nation also swung up and down in their walk with God. They would draw near to God, and become greatly blessed.  Then they would lean on their own understanding, and pull away from God. Reaching a low point, they would draw near to God again. Undoubtedly most of us have had spiritual journeys with ups and downs that resemble Israel’s.


What can we learn from the journey of this family of archers and from Israel?  Like Israel, we can recover through the repentance and reliance on the power of His Spirit.  If we lean more firmly on the Holy Spirit, over time we will be able to live more closely to Jesus, but also be able to more clearly recognize when we have left His side, and with Divine confidence remedy our actions by quickly returning to His grace.


Will we be mighty archers for Jesus, aiming straight at the enemy, and will our arrows hit the right target?


Christopher Beason
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