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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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With its special focus on the Levites, in this chapter we may glean at least two insights from this litany of our spiritual family tree. Toward the end of the chapter, the Levites were not given a part of the land when it was divided among the other tribes.  God instead placed them around the cities of Israel, then Judah, allowing them to be influential in every citizen’s life. This distribution shows how God has a special place for His workers and cares for them in a special way—His servants committed to a full-time labor of ministry. It serves as a reminder for us today to give that same attention to those in ministry as we support them through tithes and offerings as Israel did for the Levites.


In verse 15 we find a reference to the captivity of God’s people at the hand of Nebuchadnezzar. This indicates that the Chronicles were written relatively close to the end of the Old Testament.  This adds weight to the significance of the family tree mentioned here.  It carefully traces the line of Christ, particularly the priesthood, first from Adam to Aaron and onward to David. This additional proof of reliability of the ancient record can further assure us that God’s promises are true, that he does have a plan, and in that plan we have hope and redemption.


Today’s challenge is two-fold.  What more can we do to uphold and encourage those on the front lines of ministry? In light of the plan of redemption, what promises has God made to give us encouragement and to those around us today?


Christopher Beason
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