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Saturday, March 23, 2013

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A man after God’s own heart, that’s how David’s lineage is expressed in this chapter which can only lead us to understand Heaven’s enduring Grace.  David is first mentioned in yesterday’s reading, as the seventh son of Jesse. Elsewhere in Scripture (Acts 13:22) David is designated by God as a man after His own heart and will.


Can this be the same heart and will whose lineage is described in verse 5, as it philandered with Bathsheba to bear 4 sons from a relationship that began in adultery? Look at God’s patience as the line of David unpacks. Solomon, illegitimate son of Bathsheba and David, is to be noted in the family tree of Christ (See Matthew 1:6).


Examining this adulterous line can only lead us to one conclusion. Look to Christ to see that while our circumstances can seem to taint our lineage—Christ can define our legacy in Him. David, in his own words, writes what our confession to Christ must be: Create in me a clean heart, and renew a committed spirit in my mind (Psalm 51:10).  Will this be our prayer today?


Christopher Beason
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