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Thursday, April 18, 2013

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The decisions of a king are largely affected by the spiritual tone of his own nation and its leaders. Knowing this, David held a public meeting to encourage the highest representatives of the nation to be loyal and grateful to God.


The time to pass the baton had arrived. David asked the highest leaders of the nation to support Solomon, still young and inexperienced, yet chosen by God (1 Chronicles 29:1).


During this meeting, David exemplified that devotion to God grows in the proportion that it is expressed in praise and financial donations. Then, out of his personal resources, He gave generously to the building of the Temple.


Example is the best teacher. David was perceived by his followers as someone generous and grateful to the Lord. Motivated by the example of the king, the leaders also donated liberally. Tons of gold and silver and other valuable metals were offered for the construction of the temple, not under compulsion or obligation, but voluntarily and willingly. The bountiful offerings were an evidence of the consecration of the leaders and helped them to feel even more fervent.


At the meeting, David gave an inspired prayer of praise, extolling the greatness of God. Songs of thankfulness and praise followed, sung with enthusiasm by the entire assembly.


In this atmosphere of intense spirituality and gratitude to God, Solomon is crowned king for the second time. The result could not be different. The biblical account says that Solomon's reign prospered and all of Israel obeyed him.


The praises and generosity shown through significant offers of time and money, increase our love for God and protect our hearts against sin. When we create memorable moments where the Lord is exalted in the beauty of holiness is when we ensure a bright future for ourselves and our children.


Dear God, teach me to love and serve You with all my heart!

Jobson Santos
Adventist Media Center