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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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The 27th chapter of Chronicles describes succinctly the military and civil administration of Israel. Although the Levites used to carry on their shoulders much of the responsibility to look after the welfare of the nation, some other leaders were also needed to support the monarchy.


Each month of the year a military division with 24 thousand men was available to serve as the National Guard. This rotation of troops allowed for more people to be trained. Thus, in case of any threat, a huge, trained, army would be available. Since the time of service required was just one month, during the rest of the year soldiers could live a normal life.


In order to help the king with the administration of the nation, princes were chosen to lead each of the tribes. The management of people is always complex. These princes helped the king to take care of the most important needs of their respective populations and geographic areas and provide a solution.


After 40 years of government David had amassed considerable wealth. Twelve officers were selected to take over the land, workers, animals, agricultural production and deposits of the king.


The chapter concludes by mentioning some of David’s personal advisors. Jehonathan the scribe, is presented as a wise and learned man. Jehiel, was in charge of the education of the king’s children. Joab was the commander of the army and Ahithophel, Hushai, Jehoiada and Abiathar were the king's counselors. Much of the successes of David was due to the dedication and loyalty of these men.


David surrounded himself with experts in various areas of civil and military realm. If we, too, desire to achieve excellence we should surround ourselves with good friends and counselors


Dear God, thank you for the high plans You have for me. Help me to cooperate with You for these plans to be fulfilled.

Jobson Santos
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