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Monday, April 15, 2013

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The most important functions of the kingdom of Israel were performed by Levites. Some acted as gatekeepers, other as treasures and others as administrators and judges.


The gatekeepers were the guards of the temple. Their presence was much needed in order to preserve the integrity of the worshipers and also to protect the building itself. Solomon's temple was coated with gold and housed the most valuable treasures of the nation. It was up to the gatekeepers to ensure the safety of all this wealth.


Zechariah, one of the gatekeepers, was also a very wise counselor. This illustrates how we don’t need to limit ourselves to our basic survival activities, but rather expand our area of expertise in order to give the best contribution to society.


Some Levites acted as treasurers. They were zealous for the proper use of the gifts of the people and the spoils of war that had been consecrated to the Lord. Those who held this function were descendants of Gershom and Eliezer, sons of Moses.


Six thousand Levites were set apart as administrators and judges. They took care of religious issues related to the temple and secular matters related to civil administration. Spread across the country, they were responsible for the religious education of the people and the wise guidance of the kingdom as a whole.


The success of any business depends on the performance of dedicated and loyal associates. David had among the Levites able, consecrated men that helped him to make of the nation of Israel a prosperous and just kingdom. Today, too, God is looking for reliable people whom he can use to bless mankind.


King of kings, use me through my life to make an important contribution to Your kingdom.

Jobson Santos
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