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Friday, April 12, 2013

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A good organization enables better results to be achieved with the same human and financial resources. One of the legacies that David left to his son Solomon was the exemplar distribution of responsibilities among the Levites.


Since the days of Moses, the Levites were separated to be spiritual guides among the people, carrying the Ark, taking care of the tabernacle and the sacred vessels. However, times had changed. It was no longer necessary to transport the tabernacle from one place to another. The tabernacle and the altar of sacrifice was at Gibeon and the Ark was in Jerusalem.


David reorganized the responsibilities among the Levites but the descendants of Aaron continued to be the priests. Only they could offer sacrifices and enter the holy place. They would also be overseers of the Levites as a whole.


Two functions grew in importance: the gatekeepers and the musicians. Together they amounted to more than twenty percent of the Levites. Their expressive number gives us an idea of how valued they were in those days.


The Levites lived in cities strategically distributed across the nation. They were the teachers of the Torah, the writings of Moses, and also the judges. Periodically they headed to the tabernacle in order to comply with their obligations. Each one knew exactly what to do, when and how. Their influence contributed to bringing the people closer to God.


The exemplary organization of the Levites in the days of David, challenges us to be effective in our work for God. Jesus, the supreme high priest, officiates in the heavenly sanctuary. He wants to see his followers organized and active in His service. As modern priests and Levites, it is our privilege to do our best to prepare a people to love and worship God.


Heavenly High Priest, consecrate me and use me in whatever position you choose!


Jobson Santos
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