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Friday, March 22, 2013

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Fifty-four verses of names yesterday, fifty-five additional names today. Remember, we are following God’s Hand through our spiritual lineage. Look a little further and see God’s character nestled inside our family tree.  Here are three names that caught my eye in chapter 2, reminding me of His judgment, challenge and goodness.


In verse 3, the scribe writes the words in a rather matter-of-fact manner, Er was so wicked in God’s eyes, He killed him. Imagine being so wicked that God eliminates you from this earth.


In verse 7, Achan (Achar), who achieved fame in Joshua 7, stole from the destruction of Jericho and he and his family paid the price. His place in history here reminds us that even a little sin can literally destroy our family.


In verses 34 and 35, we find that adoption plays into our lineage. Having experienced adoption, and having only daughters, I especially like this portion of our reading. Sheshan also had only daughters. No sons to carry on the line. So he took Jarha, one of his servants and made him his son, adopted him, to marry his daughter and bring him an heir. Jarha must have been an awesome servant to receive the honor of moving from servant to son.


These three names indicate various rewards for our actions. What will your actions be today?


Christopher Beason
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