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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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One of the great joys in life is to build or purchase a home. After many years as a fugitive, wandering from one place to another, David is now living in Jerusalem protected from his enemies. This privileged position allows him to devote time and resources to build a permanent house for himself and his family.

As a representative of the nation, it was expected of him to have not only a comfortable home, but a palace. Countless workers from his own people as well as business partners, as the king of Tyre, helped in completing the project.

While building his palace, David had to defend the nation against dangerous enemies, like the Philistines. It was the king’s custom before leaving for battle, to consult the Lord about what he should do.

On one occasion God instructed him to strike the Philistines with a frontal attack and gave him the victory. On another occasion, God told him to attack them from the rear in front of the poplar trees. David received detailed instructions and was obedient to execute them; as a result, achieved significant victories against his enemies.

Think about the battles you need to face. Have you consulted the Lord for instructions, completely willing to follow His directions?

God is intensely interested in guiding you and granting you victory, just as He did for David. You have only to trust Him and obey!


Jobson Santos
Adventist Media Center