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Thursday, March 21, 2013

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As one opens the book of Chronicles we might think it is an unfortunate entry of long list of names. If that is the case for you, as it once was for me, look again. Just look at the first name. Adam. This is a book about humanity, about us, and about our God. The Chronicles’ beginnings set us up to remember the plan of redemption. We can recount our own birthright of justification, and also through the cleansing of redemption, we are reminded of the processes of sanctification leading us into priesthood.


As we reflect on this lineage of God’s people, through the Temple and the priests, it takes us into an understanding of God’s Hand on His people through a spiritual lens, rather than the lens of Israel’s prophets and monarchs as in the previous books.


In reading this list of names from Adam to Aaron; from Jesse, on to eventually Jesus, we see God’s plan and promise. Read the names, again and you’ll find God did not forget Ishmael or Esau (Edom), the “black sheep” of our spiritual lineage. Ishmael was the outcast son of Abraham and Esau the impulsive son of Isaac, yet here they are listed. Every one of us is in God’s plan. As a family of God, here in these opening chapters of Chronicles, we can trace our own family’s flaws and priestly heritage. By God’s Amazing Grace, will you claim our birthright today and like Adam be redeemed and happy in Jesus?


Christopher Beason
Network7 MediaCenter